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Competition Submission Information for Teams

Your Virtual City name must be the same for all deliverables and be the same as your team name that was entered into the online submission center*. If you change your city name after putting your team name into the online submission center, you must also change your team name online. All scoring is done based on the team name in the system, so having different names may result in scoring complications. The team name SHOULD NOT be related to your school or organization name.

The submission deadlines for the 2019 competition are:

The Virtual City, City Essay, and Project Plan must be uploaded to the online submission center at futurecity.org. The Virtual City Presentation and Project Plan should be in pdf format; the City Description in Word format.

Bring the Honor Statement, Media Waiver Form, and Home School Affidavit Form to the competition and turn in at the registration desk.

Bring the Competition Expense Form (with receipts attached to the back) to the competition and turn in to the judges prior to beginning your presentation.


If you have any questions or problems with the upload to the online submission center, contact Mary Moyer, School Coordinator, or Susan Best, Judging Coordinator.

*Note: The online submission center is a competition management system, and is frequently referred to as "CMS" by the competition officials.