1996 Philadelphia Future City Competition

First Place: Carusi Junior School of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Scott, Anna and Danny at the Franklin Institute
with their model city Fluke
Danny, Anna and Scott with their model and map
at the finals in Washington DC.

Anna, Danny and Scott in the spring of 2001. They were all
seniors at Cherry Hill High School West, thinking about graduation
and going off to college.

In September of 2005 they are all in graduate school.

Anna is working on a MS degree in Astronautical Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology. She says that the Future City Competition taught her to work with a team towards a common goal, and how to have fun doing hands-on engineering projects.

Danny is in graduate school at University of California, Berkeley studying physical chemistry. He wants to continue his higher education and become a college professor. Danny says that the most important thing that came out of the Future City Competition was seeing that people could do science as a career.

Scott is in graduate school working towards a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Irvine. He will most likely be conducting research in natural product total synthesis for his Ph.D. thesis. Scott said that the Future City Competition was extremely influential in determining his ultimate academic and career path. Skills such as analytical thinking, teamwork and presentation are critical to being a good scientist. The Future City Competition helped Scott develop some of those skills at a very early age.

We would love to hear from any other participants in the 1996 competition. Please send an email to kgolkin@futurecityphilly.org and let us know what you are up to now.

SCHOOL:   John Carusi Middle School
Cherry Hill, NJ
TEACHER: Ms. Roberta Abromowicz
STUDENTS: Anna Gunn-Golkin
Scott Halperin
Daniel Montiel
ENGINEER MENTOR: Mr. Ken Golkin, Lockheed Martin
CITY Fluke