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Future City Philadelphia Engineering Fair

The Future City City Steering Committee assembled a group of scientists and engineers who are working on space related projects to present a series of webinars that we think the students will find interesting and educational. Our volunteer speakers come from NASA, space advocacy groups, and industry. The webinars were presented live and run for about an hour including the question and answer session.

Videos of the webinars from the 2020 Future City Engineering Fair are posted on our YouTube Channel. . Links to the videos, presentation decks, speaker bios, articles on Lunar development and other related resources are also in the table below. Note that at the bottom of the table there is a link to the 2020 Lunar Development Conference's 43 videos on YouTube.

The 2020—2021 Future City Theme is Living on the Moon.

At night, surrounded by stars or clouds, the Moon looks distant and lifeless. However, it holds a place of unique beauty and dominance in the sky and has been inspiring humanity for eons. Dreamers of all kinds—artists, science fiction writers, scientists, engineers—have imagined a thriving city on the Moon, one with healthy people and a resourceful, sustainable ecosystem. New ideas are constantly being dreamed up and tested.

The Competition Challenge:

Design a future lunar city and provide examples of how your city uses two Moon resources to keep your citizens safe and healthy.

Webinar Videos and Related Materials

Description Video Presentation and Related Material
Introduction to the Moon and the Lunar Surface

Bruce Betts Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
Planetary Society

Introduction to the Moon
Videos from presentation (with sound) Random Space Fact Video 15
Moon Rocks (with Bill Nye)

Random Space Fact Video 10
Duct Tape in Space (Featuring Bill Nye)

Lunar Regolith: Optimizing a Challenge
Melissa Roth

Founder and Lead Researcher
Off Planet Research
Introduction to the Moon

How Would Project Management Be Different on the Moon

Mark Schwartz
Senior Program Manager
Program Office
PowerPoint Version Projects on the Moon
PDF Version Projects on the Moon PDF
Finding a Site for Your City on the Moon - NASA's Moon Trek

Emily Law
Deputy Program Manager
and Development Manager
PowerPoint Version Moon Trek PowerPoint
PDF Version Moon Trek PDF
Lunar Polar Propellant Mining Outpost

Joel Sercel Ph.D.
Founder and Principal Engineer
Due to technical issues the video of Dr. Sercel at the Engineering Fair is not available. However a video of another presentation of his is below. Miners on the Moon, an article from Air and Space magazine featuring Dr. Sercel's work
Lunar Polar Propellant Mining Outpost (LPMO): A Breakthrough for Lunar Exploration & Industry

Concepts for Lunar Habitats

Haym Benaroya Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Rutgers University
PDF Version Concepts for Lunar Habitats
Related Material
Engineering Design and Construction of Lunar Bases

Structural design of a lunar habitat

43 Videos from the 2020 Lunar Development conference

Information for Educators, Mentors and Parents

Moving Parts Project Instructions
Where To Get Parts
Other Useful Information

Webinars and Videos

Previous Future City Engineering Fairs

Date Theme Location
October 26, 2019 Clean Water: Tap Into Tomorrow SAP America, Newtown Square, PA 19073
October 13, 2018 Powering Our Future SAP America, Newtown Square, PA 19073

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