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  The Winner of the 2021 Philadelphia Future City Competition
St. Hilary of Poitiers School, Rydal, PA
2nd Place Downingtown Middle School
3rd Place Mount Aviat Academy
Honorable Mention Saint Cecilia School
Honorable Mention Queen of Angels
Honorable Mention Lionville Middle School
Pictures and Videos from the 2021 Future City Competition
A Special Exhibition in the Armstrong Convention Center
Future City Engineering Fair

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty surrounding the school year and extracurricular activities, Future City has been restructured so that teams can complete the deliverables in-person (i.e. in a classroom or after school program) or remotely (i.e. collaborating online while learning from home). The competitions (regionals and finals) will also take place online, rather than in-person. In addition the 2020 Philadelphia Future City Engineering Fair will also be an online experience, significantly different than in past years.

To learn more about changes in the Future City program download this PDF file
Programmatic Changes 2020-2021_Final.pdf

Addition information about the competition deliverables due to COVID-19 can be found on the National Future City Competition site

The national Future City Competition has posted a several short videos about 2020-2021 Competition Updates your team should spend some time to view them.

The 2020—2021 Future City Theme is Living on the Moon.

At night, surrounded by stars or clouds, the Moon looks distant and lifeless. However, it holds a place of unique beauty and dominance in the sky and has been inspiring humanity for eons. Dreamers of all kinds—artists, science fiction writers, scientists, engineers—have imagined a thriving city on the Moon, one with healthy people and a resourceful, sustainable ecosystem. New ideas are constantly being dreamed up and tested.

The Competition Challenge:

Design a future lunar city and provide examples of how your city uses two Moon resources to keep your citizens safe and healthy.

See more videos like this on our Engineering Fair Page

The mission of the DiscoverE Future City Competition is to provide a fun and exciting educational engineering program for middle school students that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a "hands-on" application to present their vision of a city of the future.

The Philadelphia Regional Future City Competition is a 501.c.3 educational outreach program of DiscoverE. We are one of over 50 regional programs conducted throughout the the United States and the world with the goal to introduce middle school students to the engineering profession. The Future City Program continues to be on the National Association of Secondary School Principals' National Advisory List of Student Contests and Activities.

The Philadelphia Regional Competition draws schools from Philadelphia and surrounding counties including the Lehigh Valley, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. Students from middle schools and after school programs in the region form teams consisting of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who work with a teacher and an engineer mentor from September to January.

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